Thursday, March 11, 2010

Help us get to $50,000 in virtual investments! is brought to you by Team1 on The Startup Bus, the bus which has brought together 25 strangers from all over the world to conceive, build and launch a startup in the time it takes to drive from San Francisco to Austin, Texas.

We are about 6 hours away from Austin, and we need your support!! There is an investment game on The Startup Bus where you can invest virtual bus dollars into your team. Over the past day, teams 1 and 2 have been running neck and neck, constantly swapping between first and second place.

Help us beat em! Please go to the Teams list and give your virtual dollars! And remember, once you log in, your account earns a bus dollar a minute, so remember to check back in and allocate the accumulating funds too! The best bit - the person who invests the most in our team becomes our Chairman!

Our aim is to get to $50,000. With your investments and Tweets, we can do it!

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